March 24, 2010

Mika + Kick-Ass = WHAAAAAA???

(via io9)

Now I mean this with all kind earnestness when I say Mika and "kick-ass" are two concepts I normally do not associate with one another.

Don't get me wrong, I highly respect Mika as a musician and an artist. (then again I also accepted Jimmy Fallon as host of Late Night and thought Watchmen was a decent-enough film), but when I hear his name what immediately springs to my mind are this:

Life in Cartoon Motion album cover

and this:

So when I first read that io9 headline I had to admit being a bit skeptical at first... that was until I discovered it didn't literally mean "kick-ass", it meant Kick-Ass. As in the comic, or rather the film adaptation of the comic. Mika was doing a song for the official soundtrack.

And what a glorious song it is.

So Mika has successfully defended his honor, and I am now more excited than ever to see this movie. And the world is now a much better place for it. Hit Girl FTW!

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