April 5, 2010

Bring out the pitchforks. Again.

I sense a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in raeg and were suddenly silenced by a dude on a radio show. I fear something stupid is going to happen.

US Comedian Adam Carolla "bashes" Manny Pacquiao, the whole frikkin' Philippines in general
(ABS-CBN online)

Some of you may be familiar with Adam Carolla from this show:

The Man ShowFollow the yellow Paint arrow.

And in case you've been serving as a missionary in the deepest reaches of the Pacific islands lately (no offense to missionaries), this is the person that is the primary subject and inciter of this entire rigmarole.

Manny Pacquiao's debut singleThe image speaks for itself, really.

I'm calling it.

I predict... a public statement by a politician (a senator, most likely. The Press Secretary would work too. Manny Villar in all his orange splendor would be doubly rich.) decrying the continued proliferation of racist propaganda and negative press about Pinoys in Western culture. And perhaps more stupidly, a public call to boycott anything by Carolla. And Hell, let's throw in the whole "blacklist the mothafucka" bizness too. Let's see how he likes missing out on our scrumptious mango shakes and pollution-enhanced Manila Bay sunsets and crocodiles in polo barongs!

I'm just gonna go ahead and borrow a cue from Mcoy here:

This next piece is dedicated to all of our favorite local bleeding-heart jingoist windbags out there, you know deep in your soul you want so badly to rip this Carolla guy a new one. And once you do...

U Have Earned Your Official Pinoy Insecurity Force Badge! Wear it with pride, jackass!
Sigh. Now it'll be an even colder day in Hell before we ever get even the remotest chance at local access to an actual Top Gear broadcast. Curse you.

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