April 12, 2010

Confessions of a Minimate Nut

Yes, I'll admit it: I am a Minimate collector.

Some of you may be wondering why I chose this calling hobby. Some of you may even be wondering what the deuce Minimates are.

The Spirit Minimates by axilog14Here is the cast of the ill-fated Frank Miller film The Spirit, in Minimate form.
(And look! An apparition of Jesus in the background!)

If, like me, you live outside of the target market of Minimates (that is, outside the US), you're probably wondering where I even get them, and how I managed to amass so many. More importantly though, I bet you're wondering why I have become so devoted to these little guys rather than, say, Superhero Squad or Kubricks. What is it about them that appeals to me so much that I can no longer tolerate collecting anything else?

Is it the diminutive, geometrically-inspired form of the Minimate anatomy?
Is it the impressive (scale-wise, at least) 14 points of articulation?
Is it the strange miscellany of characters translated to the form, thus resulting in some random Dadaist shared universe?
Is it something in the Kool-Aid?

The origin story would surely meander in all different directions if you encourage me too much (the answer is long and convoluted enough that I may have to devote an entire future post just to explaining things), but the short version was that I got hooked on Minimates via another toy, which some of us in the hobby would call the "gateway drug." In my case the gateway drug was Stikfas.

The Dragon by axilog14A scene from my bestselling (I wish) fairy tale The Dragon.

After flirting with a myriad of other interesting mini-figure platforms like some common plastic whore, I had stumbled on a rather peculiar fan site.

Yes, in my extensive exploration of figure types related to Stikfas, I had discovered Minimate Headquarters.

Minimate Headquarters screencap by axilog14
As most addiction-related slippery slopes would often go, it wasn't long before I was ultimately pulled into the mother of them all, the master hub of semi-obscure block figure collectors online, the point of no return, the Minimate Multiverse.

Minimate Multiverse Halloween Special
Anyway, fast-forward to nearly two years later: I have literally lost count of how many of the little buggers I've amassed since (though this post might provide a small hint), I've become even more of a sedentary human being with no social life a ridiculously prolific poster on the Multiverse, I actually composed my own beginner's guide of sorts for getting into the game, and to date I have now become more deeply embroiled in comics, Hot Wheels, science fiction, online commerce, Japanese action figures, Internet conflict management, classic movies, scale model building, Facebook, and *gasp* actual romance.

All thanks to a motley little assortment of two-inch block figures.

A typical Minimate trade.

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