April 20, 2010

Hollywood ID: The beginning of hormone poisoning

The gist of this is simple: When you hear a specific actor's name, what iconic role of his or hers immediately comes to your mind?

I find this a neat little mental exercise just to make sense of which of a certain artist's more memorable projects most resonate with their, er, target demographics.

Today's topic? Christopher Eccleston.

Christopher Eccleston
When you hear the name "Christopher Eccleston", do you immediately think
  1. the Duke of Norfolk, the morally ambiguous bad guy from Elizabeth
  2. Major Henry West, the morally ambiguous bad guy from 28 Days Later
  3. Claude Rains, the morally ambiguous ensemble dark horse Invisible Man from Heroes
  4. the bad guy from the G.I. Joe movie Destro
  5. the Doctor
... Or are you the uber-obscure type who'll best remember him as Nicole Kidman's absentee husband from The Others? Or that evil British guy Nicolas Cage takes on in Gone in 60 Seconds? Or the lucky bastard who got to see Kate Winslet naked onscreen once? Or that guy who surprisingly can only drive an automatic?

Man, typecasting is weird.

And if I had to choose between Eccleston getting typecast as an evil British guy and an eccentric time-traveling alien, well...

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