April 1, 2010

Iron Man 2 virals: Stark Expo advertisements (1974 & 2010)

(via io9)

Holy retrocarp! It's the legendary Howard Stark!

This bit of period-evocative Seventies kitsch really is an ingenious piece of marketing thanks to the cute little throwbacks to the movieverse's fictional history. Predictably enough I loved that little scale model of the expo grounds in the video. God, I'm such a miniatures nerd.

Also, that sound effect at the beginning of the video reminded me of the Doctor Who opening theme.

And holy carp! It's a whole lotta lens flare! Paging J.J. Abrams!

Oddly this whole video reminded me of I, Robot. (Bastardization of source material aside, I really quite enjoyed it. I consider this one of the funner Will Smith blockbusters, and Sonny the modified NS-5 was such a beautifully-written, pathos-laden character.)

I, Robot movie poster

... did I mention I'm really excited for this movie?

Iron Man War Machine back2backTony Stark armor closeupWhiplash

And that's not even mentioning the, erm, merchandise.

Iron Man 2 Minimates by Art Asylum/Diamond Select Toys

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