April 16, 2010

Journey to the Memory Station: Jonny Quest!

Ahhh, memories. Who here still remembers Jonny Quest?

io9 has this article up about some pretty cool Jonny Quest comics-style fan art.
The whiz-kids at the Comic Twart collective pick a different character from the pop pantheon each week for the members to illustrate. This week is the Venture Bros.' forefather, Jonny Quest.
The animated adventures of boy genius Jonny Quest; his scientist pops, Dr. Benton Quest; their "bodyguard," Race Bannon; and Jonny's adopted brother, Hadji sit in a nostalgic sweet spot — despite some stellar design and an awesome theme song, the '60s series is better in memory than in reality (and the less said about the the mid-'90s update the better).
You can check out the Comic Twart collective's original JQ art here.

And I have to say that as a kid I was lucky enough to have fond lucid memories of both the original sixties-era Jonny Quest cartoon and the Darker and Edgier nineties remake The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest. (The former was often lumped in with other classic Hanna-Barbera cartoon reruns, while the latter - kickass opening theme rearrangement and all - once had its own primetime spot on Cartoon Network.)

I actually remembered liking The Real Adventures just fine, and possibly even preferring it to the original a little bit. It didn't hurt that the show boasted of these at-the-time groundbreaking 3-D visuals whenever the gang decided to take to "QuestWorld" for an episode.

Race Bannon kicks Jeremiah Surd's digital butt in QuestWorldDon't laugh.

In hindsight, though, it makes sense why there would be some protest towards The Real Adventures's more "realist" take on a classic pulp-noir animated series. It's kinda like the difference between the Ninth and Tenth Doctors and every other Doctor ever. (Yes, including the Eleventh.)

Spider-Man: One More Day (ugh.)"You fools! Angst ruins EVERYTHING!!!"

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