April 23, 2010

My Top 3 Fictional Mini-Musicals in Film (also: SPOILERS!)

Shows within a show applied in mainstream cinema are fun.
Ludicrously entertaining full-blown production numbers fabricated expressly for a single climactic scene in a movie are even funner. Especially if they are musicals. Because hey, everybody loves musicals, right?

Glee promotional wallpaperGo on. Admit it.

But for me, the best kinds of ludicrously-entertaining-full-blown-musical-production-numbers are the kind that are so silly they're awesome, and then they loop back around to being silly, and then back to being awesome, and... God, I hate vicious cycles.

Of course one of the occupational hazards of being a freakin' awesome metafictional musical climax is that sometimes the musical alone outshines the entire freakin' film itself. Almost makes me feel for those all those directors who'd accidentally botch up their creative visions by overcompensating in one specific part of it. *cough*

In any case, what better way to pay tribute to this wacky cinematic spectacle than by spoiling the endings of three movies you might have never seen!

3. The triumphant climax of Forgetting Sarah Marshall (You know the one.)

In all honesty the scene in question can't be found on YouTube, but seeing as Forgetting Sarah Marshall is a genuinely great movie (well, maybe not Citizen Kane great but still pretty good), I highly recommend watching it anyway, comically cathartic dirges about blood-sucking counts aside.

What I can say is, the live version is even crazier awesomer.

(As a side note, what is it with Craig Ferguson and puppets? Is it a Scottish thing?)

2. "Rock Me Sexy Jesus" from Hamlet 2

This little nugget poses the advantage of being both entertaining and potentially blasphemous all at once. There's also the matter of that infectious melody, which will give you such a serious case of LSS that perhaps an exorcist will be the only way to help you.

Really though, the whole plot of the movie itself plays like an exercise in surrealism. (Come on, a musical sequel to Hamlet?!) But again, to be quite honest I had only managed to catch the last half hour or so of this movie. (Stupid HBO.)

The actual onscreen musical runs a bit longer this one YouTube clip... much to the dismay of the fictional moral guardians who I bet were practically gnawing their arms off throughout the thing. But hey, comedy is comedy. (That last statement also applies when you find yourself asking, "Wait a minute, what does Jesus have to do with Hamlet?")

(Also, I'm vaguely sure that whole song is a reference to "Rock Me Amadeus" or something. I don't really know, not my decade.)

1. The Bonnie And Clyde musical from Stuck on You

If you need just one really good reason to sit through this mildly disappointing comedy about Siamese twins, then let it be that beautiful ending where (SPOILER ALERT! SPOILER ALERT!) Walt finally gets to fulfill his lifelong dream of being a successful actor.

But really now...

... what better reason do you need besides Meryl Streep in a dance number and Greg Kinnear's kickass singing voice? Day-um!

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