May 31, 2010

Russians are weird.

(via TV Tropes and my buddy Abdul)

No, no, don't worry. This isn't a blatant rip-off of a certain gamer webcomic print collection cover at all.

Anyway, this isn't me expanding into a new culturally insensitive blogger niche. This is just me paying homage to the universal power of humor: The Russian Edition!

May 12, 2010

Geeks + Conquest = Epic Hilarity Ensues?

The Nostalgia Critic in full M. Bison regalia... and no, I'm not kidding.
... At least that's what I (and surely a whole medium-sized municipality's worth of Interwebz-going sheeple nerds) will be aching to find out next week when the Nostalgia Critic and the other faithful, genre-savvy citizens of attempt a hostile takeover of the real-life micronation of Molossia.

It's over!

The automated polls are finally over!

Election 2010, indelible inkI voted.

And it's a good thing too. Can you imagine what a logistical nightmare finding a decent enough contingency plan for a failed nationwide election would have been?

Then again...

May 10, 2010

Cue the Swiss Family Robinson dreams again.

(via possibly the most aptly-titled io9 post yet)

Why yes, I am jealous.

Star Wars kiddie command tower, io9Rebel-sabotaged Death Star sold separately.

Seriously, what is it with kid-at-heart geeks and their obsessive desire to live in enclosed, elevated spaces?

Did you guys know that there's an entire freakin' cottage industry built on ridiculously awesome treehouses?

Seattle-designed treehouse, from Web Urbanist
Alas, not everybody can be Tarzan. (Or can we?!)

And then there are the behemoths of treehouse royalty like these Blueforest designs, which seem to trump even regular houses in prettiness full-on aesthetic functionality.

Oh well. At least I can kind of live this dream vicariously through my toys.

She-Hulk and the Cheapo Blocks, by axilog14Of course, even this can go horribly, hilariously overboard.

May 8, 2010

OK Go: Beyond Treadmills!

OK Go, official photo (bio)
If you have heard of the band OK Go, then surely you've heard of their by-now iconic music video for "Here It Goes Again".

This post is not about that video.

Colors are weird.

So a couple of weeks ago I took this color survey Randall Munroe put up on his popular webcomic xkcd. The survey was fun, although I was probably around fifty colors before I started seeing the room in spinning technicolor throwup. In short, it was a really fun survey.

A while ago I discovered he had just put the results up on his blog blag.

The results were a mix of the fascinating and the amusing (as should be expected of the likes of Comrade Munroe), with a couple of neat tangents to screen monitor resolutions and color-blindness thrown in. I recommend reading that blog blag in full, it's about as informative as your average Irregular Webcomic! annotation.
Actual color names, xkcd color surveyAnd that's not even half of it. Literally.

I was a bit stupefied to see actual results like "ecru" or "burnt umber" in this survey. I was also disappointed that girls cannot properly distinguish the color salmon and that indigo did not make more of a showing. Indigo IS a full-fledged member of the color spectrum, dammit!

Poor Pluto, by Mathias PedersenApparently indigo is to the rainbow what Pluto was to the solar system.

And then you get the real... out there results: variations like bright purple, royal purple, deep purple, blue purple, purple blue, pink purple, pinkish purple, bluish purple, purpleish blue, purpley blue, purply blue (yes, those are two completely different colors), bluey purple, reddish purple, purplish pink, pinky purple, grey purple, dull purple, dusty purple, medium purple, lighter purple, red purple, electric purple, barney purple (what the hell?), neon purple, very light purple, very dark purple, brownish purple, just plain purpleish...

The Color Purple, Wayside SchoolYou know how after a certain degree of constant repetition, a word starts to lose all meaning?

And of course, let's not forget Erap's favorite color:

Fuchsia, xkcd color surveyFor the record, it's spelled F-U-C-H-Y- no, wait.

Bizarro Land Dot Com: Facebuko

It's actually a bit of a long story how I discovered this neat site...
  • First there was this post about Newsweek Magazine's financial troubles. (Egads. First Reader's Digest, and now this. *sheds a tear for the continually declining print industry*)
  • Then there was the original article it linked to, which of course prompted an impromptu time sink into (which isn't quite as severe as Cracked or TV Tropes, but can still get pretty addicting to browse aimlessly)
  • Then there's this priceless gem of a funny list: 10 Quirky Pinoy Facebook Groups. Go check it out. Now.
  • I was then intrigued by item number 8 on that list, Narinig ko sa UP. For someone who miserably flunked narrowly passed the UPCAT over five years ago (which I'm still bitter about, by the way... *sobs uncontrollably*), even I could appreciate some of the little gags and "in-jokes" posted on there.
  • Which brings me to this:
On Sunflowers, from Narinig Ko Sa UP

According to the Comments (Replies? Feedback? Whatever.) section of this photo, this image was reportedly screen-capped from a site called


I think I am veering dangerously close to finding this site funner than the actual Facebook. I mean, how can you not love somebody whose dream is "to join and to win in a reality show"?

And sweet son of a fragmutt, not even Marvel superheroes are immune to cheesy pick-up lines.

Tony Stark is on Facebuko, by axilog14
Man, don't you just love happy accidents?

Facebuko logo

This has been The Anatomy Of A Wiki Walk Bizarro Land Dot Com. Tune in next week, when we try to recreate this puzzling xkcd strip:

The Problem With Wikipedia, xkcd... oooooor not.

May 2, 2010

Iron Man 2: a haiku review (SPOILERS!!!)

(This is why I should never be trusted with composing movie reviews or poetry ever again.)

Iron Man 2, international poster
Loony Russian guy
opens film in crazy room,
watched his father croak.

Half a year's time skip,
Tony gets fans and dancers.
"Top of the world, Ma!"

Government is pissed
Tony won't share his cool tech.
"We must get that suit!"

Tony Stark and his Hall of Armor
Tony and Rhodey
show up in two action scenes.
Best bromance ever.

Supporting cast... good.
Who promoted the chauffeur
to combat status?

Hammer just can't win;
Rich, but snivelling weirdo.
Reporter ditched him!

Justin Hammer
Techie con model
sure makes for one very odd
giant Chekhov's Gun.

"No suits... me make drones!"
Whiplash minimate should have
its own cockatoo.

Badass eyepatch man,
mild deus ex machina.
Thanks for the help, Dad.

Black Widow
OM effin' G!
Cute redhead works for black dude!
Awkward to the max.

Yay! Tony is "cured"!
His chest, now triangle-shaped!
Call it... "Extremis"?

Movie's, well, okay.
You should know this already:
stay after credits.

Nick Fury, mothafuckas.

(All images courtesy of

May 1, 2010

A cool website: Letters Of Note

(via Jessica Zafra's official blog)

They say it's rude or voyeuristic to sift through other people's mail, which might explain my great hesitance in taking up Nick Bantock's unique brand of fiction.

Griffin and Sabine, cover
It's not chick lit! It's an epistolary novel!

*ahem* Anyway.

There are a handful of cases where it's perfectly acceptable to read letters by and addressed to other people that are not you, though I can't imagine "sprawling them out on a blog beforehand for all to see" is one of them. And yet, here we are.

Your friend, Conan
This adorably priceless discovery comes to you courtesy of the website Letters Of Note, which makes an enlightening (and surprisingly fun) case for the preservation of the endangered art of snail mail.

I haven't fully trawled their archives yet, though a quick skim of the humour category is sure to provide something for everybody.

I got a real good guffaw out of Harlan Ellison's menacing blurb letter, and even awww'd at T.S. Eliot's generously whimsical "present" for his godson's birthday, but my personal favorite has got to be Robert Heinlein's one-size-fits-all fan reply.

Just personal enoughTruly he was a god among science fiction writers men.