May 8, 2010

Bizarro Land Dot Com: Facebuko

It's actually a bit of a long story how I discovered this neat site...
  • First there was this post about Newsweek Magazine's financial troubles. (Egads. First Reader's Digest, and now this. *sheds a tear for the continually declining print industry*)
  • Then there was the original article it linked to, which of course prompted an impromptu time sink into (which isn't quite as severe as Cracked or TV Tropes, but can still get pretty addicting to browse aimlessly)
  • Then there's this priceless gem of a funny list: 10 Quirky Pinoy Facebook Groups. Go check it out. Now.
  • I was then intrigued by item number 8 on that list, Narinig ko sa UP. For someone who miserably flunked narrowly passed the UPCAT over five years ago (which I'm still bitter about, by the way... *sobs uncontrollably*), even I could appreciate some of the little gags and "in-jokes" posted on there.
  • Which brings me to this:
On Sunflowers, from Narinig Ko Sa UP

According to the Comments (Replies? Feedback? Whatever.) section of this photo, this image was reportedly screen-capped from a site called


I think I am veering dangerously close to finding this site funner than the actual Facebook. I mean, how can you not love somebody whose dream is "to join and to win in a reality show"?

And sweet son of a fragmutt, not even Marvel superheroes are immune to cheesy pick-up lines.

Tony Stark is on Facebuko, by axilog14
Man, don't you just love happy accidents?

Facebuko logo

This has been The Anatomy Of A Wiki Walk Bizarro Land Dot Com. Tune in next week, when we try to recreate this puzzling xkcd strip:

The Problem With Wikipedia, xkcd... oooooor not.

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