May 8, 2010

Colors are weird.

So a couple of weeks ago I took this color survey Randall Munroe put up on his popular webcomic xkcd. The survey was fun, although I was probably around fifty colors before I started seeing the room in spinning technicolor throwup. In short, it was a really fun survey.

A while ago I discovered he had just put the results up on his blog blag.

The results were a mix of the fascinating and the amusing (as should be expected of the likes of Comrade Munroe), with a couple of neat tangents to screen monitor resolutions and color-blindness thrown in. I recommend reading that blog blag in full, it's about as informative as your average Irregular Webcomic! annotation.
Actual color names, xkcd color surveyAnd that's not even half of it. Literally.

I was a bit stupefied to see actual results like "ecru" or "burnt umber" in this survey. I was also disappointed that girls cannot properly distinguish the color salmon and that indigo did not make more of a showing. Indigo IS a full-fledged member of the color spectrum, dammit!

Poor Pluto, by Mathias PedersenApparently indigo is to the rainbow what Pluto was to the solar system.

And then you get the real... out there results: variations like bright purple, royal purple, deep purple, blue purple, purple blue, pink purple, pinkish purple, bluish purple, purpleish blue, purpley blue, purply blue (yes, those are two completely different colors), bluey purple, reddish purple, purplish pink, pinky purple, grey purple, dull purple, dusty purple, medium purple, lighter purple, red purple, electric purple, barney purple (what the hell?), neon purple, very light purple, very dark purple, brownish purple, just plain purpleish...

The Color Purple, Wayside SchoolYou know how after a certain degree of constant repetition, a word starts to lose all meaning?

And of course, let's not forget Erap's favorite color:

Fuchsia, xkcd color surveyFor the record, it's spelled F-U-C-H-Y- no, wait.

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