May 1, 2010

A cool website: Letters Of Note

(via Jessica Zafra's official blog)

They say it's rude or voyeuristic to sift through other people's mail, which might explain my great hesitance in taking up Nick Bantock's unique brand of fiction.

Griffin and Sabine, cover
It's not chick lit! It's an epistolary novel!

*ahem* Anyway.

There are a handful of cases where it's perfectly acceptable to read letters by and addressed to other people that are not you, though I can't imagine "sprawling them out on a blog beforehand for all to see" is one of them. And yet, here we are.

Your friend, Conan
This adorably priceless discovery comes to you courtesy of the website Letters Of Note, which makes an enlightening (and surprisingly fun) case for the preservation of the endangered art of snail mail.

I haven't fully trawled their archives yet, though a quick skim of the humour category is sure to provide something for everybody.

I got a real good guffaw out of Harlan Ellison's menacing blurb letter, and even awww'd at T.S. Eliot's generously whimsical "present" for his godson's birthday, but my personal favorite has got to be Robert Heinlein's one-size-fits-all fan reply.

Just personal enoughTruly he was a god among science fiction writers men.

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