May 10, 2010

Cue the Swiss Family Robinson dreams again.

(via possibly the most aptly-titled io9 post yet)

Why yes, I am jealous.

Star Wars kiddie command tower, io9Rebel-sabotaged Death Star sold separately.

Seriously, what is it with kid-at-heart geeks and their obsessive desire to live in enclosed, elevated spaces?

Did you guys know that there's an entire freakin' cottage industry built on ridiculously awesome treehouses?

Seattle-designed treehouse, from Web Urbanist
Alas, not everybody can be Tarzan. (Or can we?!)

And then there are the behemoths of treehouse royalty like these Blueforest designs, which seem to trump even regular houses in prettiness full-on aesthetic functionality.

Oh well. At least I can kind of live this dream vicariously through my toys.

She-Hulk and the Cheapo Blocks, by axilog14Of course, even this can go horribly, hilariously overboard.

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