May 8, 2010

OK Go: Beyond Treadmills!

OK Go, official photo (bio)
If you have heard of the band OK Go, then surely you've heard of their by-now iconic music video for "Here It Goes Again".

This post is not about that video.

Proform 350 TreadmillExercise is overrated, anyway.

Instead, this is yet another one of my meandering paeans to the art of the music video, brought to you by one of the modern music world's most outlandish acts since Lady Gaga.

Lady Gaga on E! OnlineWe shall never speak of this again.

Okay, enough jibber-jabber. Here's some partly-non-embedded, not-necessarily-musical video proof of why these guys are more than a bunch of one-hit wonder wackos, they're bonafide kings of comedy, bitches.

5. "Do What You Want"

Wallpaper Grammy outfits, Entertainment Weekly
From the YouTube write-up: The second video for Do What You Want was directed by OK Go and Blip Boutique and stars a large contingent of LA's most talented weirdos. Also: wallpaper.

Says it all, really. (This was also the second video of theirs I've seen after the treadmills... and the one that cemented their spot in my mind as, like, real performance artists. For realz.)

4. YouTube Goes Meta

I've always had a thing for hand puppets.

Wait, no.

[For something a little more "work-safe", you can watch the band apologize for hurting YouTube's feelings(!) here.]

3. Ping-Pong Is Serious Business.

It appears that much like Forrest Gump and the Penny Arcade boys, OK Go have a real thing for table tennis. And much like Kanye West (yikes, second mention of him on this blog), they also have a thing for spoof instructional fitness videos.

2. "This Too Shall Pass"

This Too Shall Pass, Rube Goldberg version
The best part is that not only is this song such a cute little ball of epic positivity, it also comes in three awesome flavors: Marching Band, Rube Goldberg, and the slightly lesser-known Gospel Choir.

1. "A Million Ways"

A Million Ways, single cover
The pièce de résistance of viral videodom! This is perhaps my absolute favoritest of the OK Go videos, because for some reason this is one of the few music videos I can actually stand watching at least twice in a row without wincing in embarrassment.

Bonus material: The Adventures of Mr. OK Go Head!

Mr. OK Go Head, by NarTube
You should know better by now, guys: anthropomorphizing band logos will always end in tears.

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