January 8, 2011

I have extremely mixed feelings about this.

YouTube commenters' thoughts on Massive Attack's Teardrop

Thumbs up if dr House did NOT bring you here. Dr House did not make this song famous, dumbasses. It´s one of the greatest hits from the 90´s. Im fucking tired of all these television sheeps who only listen to music like this when the commercialism tells them to.

Everybody ridiculed this song when I was listening to it before. People ridiculed No Surprises by Radiohead because it was depressing. But everything suddenly changed when fucking Greys Anatomy and dr House used those songs. Fuck it.

The next day:
Who cares if you knew the song before House ? Just enjoy and shut up. 

On the one hand, it always did bother me how virulent Music Video Syndrome had become in our TV shows over the past decade. I'm actually grateful the whole Imogen Heap/The O.C. debacle happened without my ever knowing about it until recently, mostly because at the time this happened my sister preferred One Tree Hill.

On the other hand, "Hey" by the Pixies has very recently become my new favoritest song in the whole world. And I wouldn't have learned of its existence if it hadn't been for Zack And Miri Make A Porno showing on Star Movies that one day...

"You idiot! You never read the comments on YouTube videos!"

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