January 16, 2011

I'm ALREADY unprepared!

I really should not be excited to see Sucker Punch.

The man has already directed three of the most polarizing films in the past decade: Dawn of the Dead for zombie purists, Watchmen for comic book purists, and 300 for, um, comic book purists/Greek history buffs/hetero-normative apologists?

That and judging by its belief-buggering trailer, this movie seems designed to pander to audiences in every other calculated way possible: Snyder's signature gratuitous slow-mo and spectacular visuals, veiled anime and steampunk aesthetics, jailbait eye candy, riding on the coattails of Inception, promotional tie-ins with Hot Toys and Alex Pardee's art, et cetera...

We already have every sign imaginable pointing to Zack Snyder shaping himself to be the Michael Bay of the 21st century, barring the fact that Bay's still around and that Snyder's movies actually do look pretty. I've already conceded to calling his collective oeuvre one of my biggest personal guilty pleasures, and I'm not usually one to have a firm opinion on anything movie-related (more of this in a future post). I even watched Legends of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole in 3-D, for crying out loud!

Geeks and critics from coast to coast are already calling Sucker Punch every teenage boy's wet dream translated to film. And yet I still want to see this clusterfrak of stylized escapism unfold on the big screen. Does that make me a teenage boy too?

Well, that certainly makes Zack Synder something. For one, he really knows how to add pizazz to his trailers with rockin' tunes. I'll betcha the downloads for Lords of Acid, Silversun Pickups and Led Zeppelin's "When The Levee Breaks" (because the band itself really needs no introduction) skyrocketed after these videos came out.

It's times like these when you really wish you can just call a spectacle a spectacle and resist the urge to over-analyze everything to dea--SHUT UP.

Sucker Punch, official movie poster

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