February 22, 2011

Anybody got 3.5 million dollars in loose change?

io9.com has featured yet another smorgasbord of drool-worthy TV/movie props up for auction, offering even more proof that I need to get a job.

Most of the props seem to come from the recently concluded Battlestar Galactica series and a slew of Marvel films, plus the odd space suit, plasma rifle or alien leg here and there.

Defying Gravity space suit, via io9

I found the actual "content" of the note cards from the ending of Iron Man particularly entertaining. I wonder if Robert Downey Jr. insisted on writing Tony's speech himself (because we all know how gung-ho he can get about staying in character) or if the prop people really were just that exhausted.

Iron Man speech note cards, via io9

Also, who knew Tony's Dad was so important a parkway was named after him?
Wait a second. Art Asylum did.

Captain America movie minimates
Too many of the BSG props stand out for me, though I do find myself oddly drawn to the Book of Pythia (poor, poor Elosha), the coin of the realm (er, Twelve Colonies) and Boomer and the Chief's photos for a wedding I guess that never was. (Hope I didn't spoil too much. I still have to watch all the episodes that came after "Maelstrom.")

Book of Pythia, via io9

I know geek consensus by now goes that the Fantastic Four movies were a big heaping pile of head-scratching nonsense, but is it incredibly weird of me that I always found Mr. Fantastic Ioan Gruffudd... dreamy?

Fantastic 4 on the cover of People Magazine, via io9

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