February 8, 2011

Google (finally) wears its heart on its sleeve.

This is the story of how I first came to love and discover (and re-love) Google Doodles.

Flash back to July of last year. The American summer and, by extension, convention season were in full swing.

Mainstream media proceeds to deify the grand-daddy of them all, the San Diego Comic-Con, to ludicrous geek-Mecca levels. Old-timers proceed to lament the fading appeal of the once-cult gathering in true curmudgeonly fashion. Twilight bashers proceed to, um, assert that Twilight ruined Comic-Con (among other things). And the hardcore convention-frequenting meta-geeks are already contemplating which major con to attend next.

San Diego Comic-Con logo
Comic-Con: It's the new Disneyland.
(Except only once a year. With more grown men. And scalpers.)
And in the din of the usual overexcited-block-figure-collector message board chaos, a neat little sighting crops up. Turns out that Google had taken the opportunity to help commemorate Comic-Con '09 by getting famed comic book talent Jim Lee to "alter" their classic logo design accordingly.

SDCC09 Google by Jim Lee

For the succeeding months the sheer awesomeness of this little digital nugget had never left my thoughts (cheesy as it sounds). Now I had seen clever Google logo mods before, but few of them had captured my rapt attention quite the same way this one did. (Must be that inborn geek instinct working at full blast.)

... which is how this blog entry would have went if I had published it last May 8, 2010 like I was supposed to. Writer's block really can be a bitch sometimes.

Which brings us to today, when a Facebook chat session with one of my best friends makes a couple of sudden segues to
  1. Jules Verne, and
  2. steampunk.
Which of course causes me to remember that Google Doodles are animated now.

Go on. Look. I can wait.

... Missed the fireworks, have you? Sorry to hear that.

A vague idea of what you missed. "I'm on a submarine!"

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