February 23, 2011

I wield pointy sticks now.

Some people have their own pet bibliophile hang-up. For a friend of a friend it was architecture-related coffee table books. For me... let me just say Thank God For Book Sale.

My very own copy of Domiknitrix!
A word of advice: do not convert the price on that sticker to American dollars if you know what's for you.
Erm... it appears knitting had become a thing without me even knowing it. That's my big off-blog secret these days: I'm a knitter now. Knitters are cool.

I had been knitting since just last October, and it appears I excel at knitting exactly one thing. And I have this entry to blame thank. Specifically, this bit:

Fingerless gloves: my new Achilles' heel.

Yes, it appears I may have inadvertently foreshadowed my obscene fingerless glove obsession almost a year early. You know what they say about hindsight being 20/20? Well, there it is. (To be fair my eyesight hadn't been 20/20 since I was nine, maybe the rest of me just followed after that.)

Oh, right. I'm supposed to be talking about books.

A helpful hint: The Philippines is, quite literally, crochet country. Admittedly my crochet skills are a bit rusty, but I digress. My point is that if you're a Filipino who just happens to be an avid knitter (or a knitter who just happens to be based in Manila right now), your best bet for discounted print resources is Book Sale. (Granted, you can also find discounted print resources for most everything else there: crochet, scrapbooking, quilting, gardening, cooking, polymer clay crafting, woodworking, metalworking, stamping, doll-making, cross-stitching...)

To wit, the following stack of knitting books had mostly been found at Book Sale (though not all by me. That's what happens when you let *other* people know about your wacko hobbies).

Knitting books from Book Sale

On a related note, any other Manila-based yarnies (knitter, crocheter, cross-stitcher or otherwise) should also pay Dreams Yarnshoppe a visit. At this point touting them as the premier refuge/destination for our ilk would be flogging a deceased equine, though it does vaguely kill me that they're the only place in this city where I can buy those precious double-pointed needles I need for my glove obsession. But that's a story for another day.

A very long story.
This is another.

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