February 20, 2011

Today in ThinkGeek: the Zombie Attack Hoodie

Zombie Attack Hoodie by ThinkGeek.comHere's something I'd been craving lately, from the website I know I'll never, ever be able to order anything from.
This hoodie features the battle scars you earned in your fight with the zombie hordes. Clearly, you've had better days. There are bloody handprints near the pockets and slashes across the chest. There's a deep slash across the back that reveals your exposed spine. There's a bandage on your left wrist revealing bite marks. There's a chunk of missing skull on the back of the hood, which is lined in brains. We'd say you ought to get that looked at, except there's a pretty massive blood spatter on the front of the hood around the area where your mouth would be. Which implies that you ain't one of us any more. But you put up a valiant fight, and for that we salute you. But we're not taking the helmet off, no how, no way.
back of Zombie Attack HoodieZombie Attack Hoodie, action shot
I may not be much of a hoodie person, but this might become my closet exception. Well, this and Marble Hornets. (Uh, look that up on YouTube. Or, if you value your sleep hours, don't.)

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