March 7, 2011

A bigger box of string

The Alleged Cooler

Saturday night. While I am sitting at the computer clacking away (same as every other day), Mom tells me that I can use the old giant cooler that had been sitting in our hallway for several weeks as a place to keep all my yarn.

Now I appreciated the storage relief, but at the same time I was apprehensive as it seemed like only a month or two before that the interior of the thing smelled strongly of dried fish. But Mom assures me that the thing had already been scrubbed and cleaned to within an inch of its life (several times, I hope), and thus suitable enough for my accumulated pile of acrylic and wool.

I could never resist a free plastic box. And as any SABLE-afflicted knitter/crocheter would surely tell you, you can never find enough boxes to hold your entire stash of string. Not unless it's a really small stash, in which case you clearly haven't been knitting/crocheting long enough.

So I got over my momentary Gift Horse Crisis, and gladly adopted my not-so-brand-new yarn storage cooler. (I could always buy moth balls for the stench, I guess.)

One little, two little, three little yarn hanks...

And surprise, surprise! The cooler wasn't big enough to hold all of my yarn and miscellaneous craft notions! Of course, it didn't help that I still insisted I stored some of my stuff in the original (and much smaller, and much newer) plastic box I had acquired specifically for said purpose. And not even the cooler could stand the full loony recursive madness of yarn in a box in a box.

Yarn in a box... in a box?

And as big a fan I usually am of loony recursive madness, I couldn't risk my yarn storage attracting some sort of Bizarro world shenanigans. And I especially didn't have the luxury of making believe Mad-Eye Moody was somewhere beneath all my precious skeins of superwash merino while I was in the middle of knitting a thumb gusset.

How did Moody eat in that thing?

In the end, I did manage to move my yarn into the cooler.
Most of it, anyway.

What a cooler-full of yarn looks like

The cooler does me just fine, for now. The best advice for treating yarn storage (not to mention SABLE) problems, however, remains actually using up the yarn you already have before splurging on even more of it. After all, we don't want to end up drowning and suffocating in our own mounds of yarn.

Infinite Improbability Shenanigans, The Movie
Or becoming it.

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