March 5, 2011

Car... Eee... Van?

The little button-eyed things may have taken me over for the moment, but I've not forgotten my other obsessions. I've been trying to work on this toy review for the longest time, and while it's not finished I figured I may amuse you all with one of the stranger tangents this post-in-the-making has taken me on.

Some call them trailers. (Not those trailers.) Others call them caravans.

Too much information on a children's toy

Mostly when I hear "caravan" I think of the vaguely Arabian context, like as used in this old clip I remember from The Thief and the Cobbler (or one of its myriad workprint versions).

How the Brigands pronounce 'caravan' (one of the many versions of The Thief and the Cobbler)
It's in here somewhere.
Top Gear, a.k.a. my sole point of orientation for anything car-related, had been very vocal on the subject of caravans.

Why caravans are just WRONG

And I mean very vocal.

Top Gear makes a bumper sticker

Now as someone who has had zero personal experience with caravans--

some Carryboy flyer I got at a mall

Ahem. As I was saying...

As someone who has had zero personal experience with caravans, I of course had to wonder how accurate this viewpoint really was. Fortunately the boys of TG are nothing if not willing to put such views to the test.

Albeit cartoonishly extreme tests.

what happens when Top Gear + caravans

So... I guess this means the Brigands had the proper response to caravans all along:



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