March 4, 2011

Critical Mass Hysteria

Now I know survivalism is a big thing among certain types of geeks, but this might be getting a little out of hand.

LA Police Gear Zombie Hunter Tactical Bag

Introducing the new LA Police Gear Zombie Hunter Tactical Bag.

This bag was designed to be a bail out or escape and evade style bag. It can carry all the basics if you have to make a run for it (ammo, nav, comms, food, water and more ammo). It differs from other bail out bags in that it has easier access to lots of ammo. Who wouldn't want more ammo carrying capacity and to be able to get at it faster?

To be fair, I do appreciate how they tried to sell a bag that could be genuinely useful in a dire situation, not to mention kept the write-up for it as dry, informative and non-sensationalist as possible.

Still, they actually marketed it as a zombie hunter bug-out bag. I don't know whether to laud their marketing team for expanding their customer range or shake my head in exasperation.

Fallen Survivor (Uncommon Infected), Left 4 Dead 2

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