March 8, 2011

The Fear*

To conquer fear, you must become fear.
- Henri Ducard, Batman Begins

Christian Bale IS the Batman.
... I wear thick glasses. I have floofy bangs and have been known to wear vintage clothing. I think bicycles are one of the greatest inventions of mankind, second only perhaps to bicycles that have more than one gear. And while few of my more hipstery friends couldn't give a rat's ass about my geekier hobbies (let alone occupation), I continue to [be] amazed at how readily we've accepted the rise of a categorical brush-off that demeans and trivializes a person's choices.
- Joel Johnson, Geeks Versus Hipsters

Song of the Defiant Hipster
I am the-- ooh, skinny jeans on sale!

*No relation to the Lily Allen song. I think.

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