March 12, 2011

First Warning

Well, it was bound to happen eventually.

Writer's block again. The whole lead-up to this weekend especially feels like I had spectacularly lost my mind. I'm starting to wonder whether there's some trick to half-decent blogging I'm missing out on somewhere.

Rule of thumb: If I start listening to The Verve a lot, that's probably not a good sign.

Urban Hymns, The Verve
It's about time I dipped back into my beloved music collection. A long time ago I owned an iPod, and thus slavishly tended to my rock education much the same way an overprotective mother tends to her three-year-old. Now it feels like it's been long months since one of my record-hunting sprees. It's time I re-oriented myself.

Stack one.Stack two.
In other news, I'm still vacillating over how best to finish J's fingerless gloves.

Weird things can happen when I try and experiment with my knitting. My original concept idea was to make a half-fingered version of the Tridactyl mittens. After finishing one glove and discovering that they might be too a bothersome a configuration, I decided to apply the trigger-finger style to the glove for J's dominant hand. (She's right-handed.)

I seem oddly determined to ensure that J gets three-fingered gloves.

Edgy Mitt Design?
Yipes, that picture looked more ominous than I thought. It's like this blog is intently trying to turn itself into Just Another Fool.

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