March 11, 2011

How do I keep getting these emails again?

Today I got another one.

Who the heck is Mike Mason?!
Even more bogglingly, an exact facsimile of this supposedly urgent message (Literally. The subject line is labeled "Mike Mason Has Sent You An Urgent Message") is hosted off-site by some third-party carrier I have never heard of.

I have absolutely no idea how on earth I got this. This was probably the second time I've received an e-mail in this vein, the first email has similarly-themed content, and curiously enough was sent to me last March 1.

How it began
3/1? 3/11? Hmmm.

I'm starting to suspect either I'm being spammed, or I had somehow been dinged by some random ARG I'd completely forgotten I'd signed up for. The fact that the emails were sent by an entity called "Guardian Media Entertainment" sort of reassures me that this has to be just some sort of game or viral marketing campaign I have zero idea about. Not even Google helped, so far I just keeping getting the exact link to the hosted facsimile of Email 1.

Whatever this is, I'm getting the feeling that there's something I need to decode here. Either that or I should seriously report this to the proper authorities, assuming "they" haven't already bombed the National Mall.


Whoops, sorry. False alarm. I think I've figured it out.

Stan Lee's new tie-in project for the NHL. That's all you need to know.

That's what I get for clicking random stuff on Facebook.

Also: awww, how cute! They're attempting a viral marketing campaign!

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