March 31, 2011

Let's Talk About Wallpaper!

So... that Doctor Who Series 6 trailer.

I'm not going to bore you with the details of what terminal squee velocity I hit the moment I found out this trailer showed up on YouTube-- okay, maybe I can deviate for just a bit by talking about how surprisingly hot and kick-ass River Song looked about 24 seconds into trailer.

The Doctor and River Song. Let's leave it at that.
Um, also this.
Okay, now onto the matter at hand. Fast-forward 38 seconds... GO!

The Moff's been hitting the crazy juice again.
Yeah, this scene is probably just another one of those eye-popping red-herring-type Why Trailers Lie kinds of scenes. But mostly this scene caught my attention just because it suddenly reminded me of one of my most favorite Pinoy rock music videos ever.

I'm talking of course about Pupil's "Dulo ng Dila".

Come on! How can you not love a band that tries to go the artsy [OVERUSED "H" WORD REDACTED] route on purpose?

But of course how can we forget our favorite concept video wallflowers?

OK Go at the Grammys

Oh, but let's talk about the Series 6 trailer some more!

Mental Wealth Girl, is that you?
 Is it just me, or does this girl look suspiciously like the one from those infamous Playstation "Mental Wealth" ads from a while back?

It takes a real man to fall and look lanky in style.

That interior looks familiar...
Of course this will be the scene all the more continuity-headed Who fans will be buzzing about for days. (For those of you not on the know, the show is about a time-traveling alien that controls a spaceship called a TARDIS and changes his appearance every once in a while. We are currently at Doctor Eleven. This scene *reportedly* portrays what the inside of the TARDIS looked like about two regenerations ago. Yes, I think that's supposed to be a big deal.)

On a less related note, I find it somewhat unfortunate how that picture angle made Arthur Darvill look like David Tennant for a split second. Sorry, fangirls.

So a Minotaur walks into a hotel...
Oh crud. They've got some The Shining in my House of Leaves again.


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