March 1, 2011

Project Bughaw

I'm having one of those moments again, where I am brimming with excitement, dizzy with awe over a thing I cannot even begin to explain.

Somehow a single page does not quite do it justice. A single name, maybe?

I am not a full proper part of the fold yet. I may drop a cryptic reference every now and then, but the fact is that it is a dangerously fast-paced, ephemeral, forever fleeting and maddeningly oblique culture as only the Electronic Universe can provide. But it is still not enough; somehow I feel this is yet one more frontier we may dare step out into, make our own.

Somehow I keep drifting back to this page. I keep drifting back to something that hints at the genesis of a new idea, a greater idea, a contagion of the mind that shall tap into some deeper, more dynamic collective impulse than race or creed. We can become our own cadre, a new esoteric circle of mysteries and abstract ideas and otherwise really weird stories. A frontier beyond that of mere Hollywood or television, a living breathing idea that shall inspire wonder as much as it does terror. (Oh, god I sound like a recruiter for a terrorist organization. Totally innocent post here, folks.)

All I can say is that this could be a clue to the future. The means to a completely different sort of end, a revolution of completely off-kilter ideas, a new outlet for the sorts of dreams and visions we let loose on our sleep only to lose hold of the moment we snap back to the waking state.

And I keep thinking that somehow, someday, we can make this ours as well.

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