March 18, 2011

We Are All Disney's Children.

A mildly funny chat conversation I got into today with my other friend named J (not that one, or that one):
Me: this is probably going to be a massively embarrassing question, but ever seen Tangled?

J*: No, but I heard it was pretty good

Me: oh, you should see it
Mom and I did, and I actually thought it was really good
granted, I still haven't seen The Princess and the Frog yet

J: I heard Tangled was one of the best animated Disney movies in awhile

Me: it was the DAC**'s 50th movie, I guess they pulled all the stops for that one
I can actually say it rocketed to my Top 3 Favorite DAC movies

J: What are your other two?

Me: mostly it depends on what mood I'm in
If I'm being a princess apologist, I'd probably say Beauty and the Beast and Aladdin

J: Those are two of the best

Me: if in my Literature geek mode, Hunchback of Notre Dame and The Great Mouse Detective
if in my steampunk geek mode, Atlantis and Treasure Planet
if in some other mode, I'd probably also say The Sword and The Stone and Sleeping Beauty, and maybe Winnie the Pooh just for the childhood nostalgia factor
Yeah, you can sort of see the exact point in the conversation where an innocent question turned into my classic word vomit of increasingly indecisive nitpicky proportions. And that's not even getting into my embarrassingly eloquent thoughts on the Rescuers movies, The Emperor's New Groove, how I realized several years too late that Pocahontas retroactively ruined my childhood, and why I now consider The Little Mermaid and The Lion King overrated.

Did get some neat toys out of them though.

A Little Mermaid doll, dredged from the cupboards of my childhood

* This J is a guy.
** DAC = Disney Animated Canon

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