April 26, 2011

The Rock Radio Paradox

I can't go through this again.

I'm live-streaming UR Faceradio right now (yeah, I know, another audience share in Zuckerberg's pocket) just because I'm getting tired of rock 'n' roll suffering yet another slow and agonizing death at the hands of the short-sightedness of Pinoy radio executives. Yeah, my conscience is still nursing soul pains from not having tuned in to NU 107 enough.

Random story: I was actually old (young?) enough to remember back when 97.1 FM was still a semi-respectable student-oriented pop station that gave the odd bits of music trivia every now and then. There should be some sort of law dictating the increasing probability of a local FM station turning into the same sort of homogeneous masses-pandering behemoth that would play Celine Dion and lifeless reskinnings of the Papaya Song at the most inopportune times of day.

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