April 19, 2011

Today in Flickr groups: Eraser Heads

First off, did you know that collecting Japanese stuff-shaped erasers is a thing now?

I didn't.

Receptacle for erasers shaped like desserts
The way I see it, a telltale sign that your twee, eccentric recreational sideline has blossomed into a full-blown hobby is when you have whole Flickr groups devoted to taking artistic photographs of it. Yes, the same holds true for erasers.

Erasers shaped like desserts
Don't get me wrong, colorful erasers cut out in random weird shapes had been around even back when I was a kid. But even I don't recall this much loving detail devoted to them, back then the things were still designed with rubbing out penciled errors in mind. I might have even *gasp!* taken a fancy fruit-shaped eraser or two to some of my more disastrous art attempts.

Grade School-Era Disastrous Art Attempt
But these? These feel less like erasers and more like a distinct new miniature art wave rooted in the depiction of Chibi-fied objects in the Rubber medium.

This also adds fuel to my budding theory that deep down, humans have a bizarre fixation with things smaller than they should be. From fake dimsum platters to real bottles of hard liquor just like you'd get when you're flying First Class, if it exists then it may have also been adapted to a more diminutive form at some point. Even movies.

Erasers also happen to be a tad more affordable than real high-end miniatures (for now), which means that maybe it won't be as difficult for me to find props for my tabletop disco parties sceneries now.

Disco is still cool.

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