September 4, 2011

Google Images Versus Tiny Plastic Babies

I love Google Images. I don't know why, but today I randomly decided to play around with one of its newer features. They recently updated things so that you can find images not just with search queries, but also by uploading an image from your file.

That being said, the new image-based engine seems to run on predominantly-used colors, not unlike the search functions on sites like Etsy or Hostess With The Mostess. This is not without its foreseeable quirks.

This was a results page I just pulled up this evening:

Google Images experiment, results page
And this was the actual image I tried to bamboozle test Google with:

Carrot Jockey necklace (long story)
For some context, the Naked Mohawk Babies Riding On Carrots saga.
(It helps to know that I am also a Cake Wrecks junkie.)
I first came across the Carrot Jockey image about a year ago, happily giving it a new home in my Bizarre Stuff From The Internet hard drive repository. (What, you don't have one?) I would've easily put the whole Tiny Plastic Babies saga to rest right then and there. A chance work-related discovery, however, recently forced me to see these kitschy craft store tchotchkes in a whole new light.

I already figured there must have been a myriad of baby shower decor and party favor applications for these things. But I never imagined anything quite as specific as... well...
The [My Water Broke] baby shower game will sure break the ice at your upcoming baby shower celebration! Guests will be taken by surprise when you let them know about the little one in their favorite beverage! Prior to the shower, place a baby in each cube slot and make ice. During the shower, serve refreshments with the special ice. The guest that has their baby break free first is the winner!

Wow. Wow.

Yeah, this certainly takes the whole "icebreaker" concept a little too literally.

In short: Google Images, still an inexact science. Tiny plastic babies, now menacing ice cubes and carrots near you!

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