September 23, 2011

So much for maturity.

(Originally posted at the Lalaloopsy Fan Club forums last July 19, 2011, 11:34 PM forum time.

I am still ambivalent about the issue of indoctrinating little girls with the color pink.)

I'm getting one inch closer to completing the new minis! Managed to snag Jewel's Primpin' Party yesterday.

Mini Lalaloopsy, Jewel's Primpin' Party, packaging

You might notice that unlike in the prototype pictures (I am such a nerd), playset!Jewel is wearing neither dangling earrings nor pearl necklaces. I guess they were some fiddly bits they couldn't make work at the mass-production stage. No worries though, this is still a very pretty version of Jewel.

Mini Lalaloopsy, Jewel's Primpin' Party, unboxing
I love how the vanity mirror looks like it was made from an old locket. I just wish that part held together in one piece slightly better. The table itself is also pretty thin, it really works better when it's leaned up against a wall of sorts.

Mini Lalaloopsy, Jewel's Primpin' Party, locket vanity mirror
Mini Lalaloopsy, Jewel's Primpin' Party, set contents
The lamp and the stool are very nice pieces. The stool especially looks like a fun hybrid between a pin cushion and a powder puff, and the fact that it's also a secret compartment is a neat bonus. Besides those Jewel comes with recolored versions of her regular accessories plus a fancy new heart-shaped perfume bottle. I'm guessing if that bottle existed in real life then perfume collectors would have gone gaga over it ages ago *rolls eyes*

Mini Lalaloopsy, side-by-side comparison of Jewel's cats
Finally, Jewel's playset!Kitty seems to be made from a different plastic as her regular kitty. The downside is that playset!Kitty is difficult to keep standing upright. Or maybe that's just because my desk isn't flat enough *gratuitous smiley face*

All in all I still like this playset, though not as much as I liked Berry's. Now to get the treehouse and wait and see if Bea's schoolbus will ever show up here!

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