September 4, 2011

The Times, They Are...

I should have seen this coming. I walked into Astroplus today and there was a whole table of music CDs on sale. Two things immediately struck me: that these were actual proper albums by actual recording artists I recognized (some of which had even been on my CD Shopping List for a while now), and that they were now being proffered at ridiculously low prices. The sign even said "80% Off!"

I had already known about the radical decline of CD sales for some time now. I already know about the great sea change that lead people to get their music primarily from downloads and torrents and stuff. I even made the hard decision of making that shift myself recently, shutting away my older baggage about the medium for good. But I have to admit, seeing the great sea change with my own eyes was still a real punch to the gut for me.

Of course, even music fans know when not to be denied. As I had only a little cash left at the moment, I had to choose between this...

Kings Of Leon, Only by the Night, album cover
... and this.

The Music of DC Comics: 75th Anniversary Collection, album cover

In the end I had to go with Kings Of Leon. Admittedly the lure of having the original Superman film score, the Batman Beyond theme, Danny Elfman's Batman music AND the Justice League Unlimited theme blaring from my laptop on demand was great. However, even I had to admit that there were a couple niggles about this album that made it difficult for me to commit to it. Besides, how can you put Smallville in there without a token mention oSOMEBODY SAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAVE MEEEEEEEEEEE...

I kid, I kid. I guess I can always come back for the DC album some other time. It's not like only one Astroplus is feeling the music industry pinch, right?

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