November 6, 2011

When All You're Missing Is A Dollhouse...

Lately I've stumbled onto a couple of discoveries that were as unsurprising as they were bad for my long-term financial health: that there were local Facebook fan pages for both Re-Ment and Sylvanian Families. As if my small world (of plastic, not the one in my head) needed any more over-populating.

To the uninitiated, Re-Ment products are a quick way to add some personality (if not kitschy flair) to the average diorama. Of course, this doesn't disqualify them from having their own applications for playtime either. *cough*

Pizza Night, Fun Meals, Re-Ment
I tend to hold a high appreciation for the craftsmanship that goes into products like the collectibles Re-Ment puts out. My minor obsessiveness over tiny objects aside, one of Re-Ment's real selling points is the unnerving realism that goes into their products. Most people have trouble keeping track of anything smaller than their car keys, but Re-Ment proffers a world that tries to sell as complete a scene as possible in miniature.

Re-Ment desk
Sylvanian Families, meanwhile, treads a fine line between being just another old-school dollhouse company and a furry fandom enabler. (Not that I have anything against furries. Fine people, I'm sure they all are.)

While realism doesn't rank as highly on this brand's priorities list as it does for Re-Ment, Sylvanian Families still aims to create its own idealized microcosm of cute forest creatures living in their own quaint country-style throwback of a society.

Sewing with Mom
For their 25th anniversary, Sylvanian Families decided to put out a few very special items. These include sets with a maypole, a nautical rabbit family, and--

Sylvanian Families, 25th Anniversary Police Box (plus cop)

Think they're gunning for a new target demographic, perhaps? Perhaps baiting in consumers along the lines of...

Yet another Doctor Who reference on this blasted blog.

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