January 19, 2012

Stuff I Wasn't Expecting #63

The imaginary blog gremlins who have been following my cardboard mock-dollhouse project may be wondering whatever the heck happened with it. Well, wonder no more!

Producing this simple result was much trickier than I thought. Then again, the dimensions and building of the whole thing were pretty much done on the fly, with little more than a vast expanse of stiff board and whatever drafting supplies I could find in the house.

In the end, I'm still convinced I could've done better.

For one thing, I definitely did not anticipate this:

What you see there are the telltale signs of a warped second floor, which you never see in properly-designed buildings (and for very good reason). At first I thought I could shrug it off, but that was before several days' worth of sagging did a number on my synapses.

Obviously not the most elegant of solutions, but at this point I was becoming less hung up on perfection and more concerned about the overall structural integrity of the thing. Looks like I may need to resort to boxes made out of proper solids after all.

Which is a real shame, as I was stupidly proud of my silly attempts at interior design.

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