January 4, 2012

Things I Do Whenever I'm Online

In no particular order:

  • Check my email on Google and Yahoo!
  • Browse io9
  • Browse Jezebel
  • Browse Spot.ph
  • Browse the Tor blog
  • Lurk the New Media section in the TV Tropes forums (fora?)
  • Lurk io9's observation deck
  • Lurk the Minimate Multiverse
  • Skim the Lalaloopsy Facebook page (just about the only reason I still hold on to a Facebook account)
  • Lurk the Lalaloopsy Fan Club forums (fora?)
  • Explore the Mini Lalaloopsy Flickr pool
  • Explore the bigger Lalaloopsy Flickr pool
  • Explore the Rement Addicts Flickr pool
  • Update my Ravelry Notebook
  • Lurk the Fingerless Glove Fanatics threads on Ravelry
  • Check if A sent me a personal message on Multiply
  • Type at least three long replies to A's personal message
  • Check YouTube for Marble Hornets updates
  • Check YouTube for totheark updates
  • Lurk the Marble Hornets threads on Unfiction
  • Archive-binge updates for any of the following: xkcd, Shortpacked!, Order of the Stick, Penny Arcade, The Secret Life of Dolls, Powerpuff Girls Doujinshi, Nostalgia critic, Todd In The Shadows, Atop The Fourth Wall
  • Wonder if I will ever get around to finishing my archive binge Irregular Webcomic! or Surviving The World (have you seen the archives for those two? Damn!)
  • Check my Facebook wall
  • Check my nonexistent blog hits
  • Get lost while browsing Cracked.com

I apologize in advance to any real-people friends I may have accidentally hindered myself from interacting with.

(... this list may get longer still.)

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