January 3, 2012

This packrat is also a cheapskate.

My unhealthy fixation with tiny objects continues. I was sick of having my Mini Lalaloopsy figures (I hesitate to call them dolls out loud) loiter like mooks out in the open, pets and furniture in tow. It was about time I got them a dollhouse.

Unfortunately, since I have absolutely zero chops for finding ideal miniature setpieces, I had to improvise. My choices were pretty much limited to affordable wooden toy shelves or... this.

The quasi-dollhouse, prototype one

Dimensions: 10" high, 20" wide, 5" deep. Made with 1/2 illustration board (I think), packing tape and my own half-assed measurements.

Oh sure, I can always give the wooden shelves a proper go later. But I figured it would be much more interesting for me to actually give the DIY route my own college try first. Now all I need to do is figure out how to install a second floor using nothing but stiff cardboard.

A slightly different angle of the quasi-dollhouse
In the meantime, I'd been trying to work out a good furniture layout for the "rooms" before the Lalas can actually move in. Along with stuff from the Mini Lalaloopsy playsets, I also mixed in some Sylvanian Families, Re-Ment and Ponyville. (Don't ask.)

My initial plan was to make the second floor a mega-bedroom and the first floor a kitchen/dining room/study hybrid. The girls do not believe in living rooms, it seems.

Preliminary second-floor set-up
The bad news is that even with what makeshift floor space I could work with, the dollbox still isn't big enough to fully accommodate the Lalas. Even if I get the second floor done, I may still resort to *sigh* building a second box.

That or I can work on plans for a doll-sized high-rise. (Or just bite the bullet and get those damn wooden shelves.)

Preliminary ground-floor set-up

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