January 5, 2012

Today in Cardboard Dollhouses

Research! Yeah, that's it. I'm doing research.

If there's anything I've learned from the five ill-fated months I spent as an employee of the SEO persuasion, it's that looking for anything on Google these days has become yet another fresh hell brought to you by CAPITALISM! It's gotten to the point that just seeing the word "eHow" is enough to send me into a mild spasm. (In case you don't get my meaning, just Google "content farm." Wait, scratch that. Don't.)

The good news is that my search for half-decent cardboard building ideas has not been a fruitless one. While I did stumble on a bunch of fun homemade houses (plus this doozy of a project), I believe I may have finally found a solution to my "adding a second floor to a nondescript cardboard box built from scratch" dilemma.

Of course, looking back on these ideas now begs the question, "What the heck where you doing building a box from scratch when you could just alter a prefab one? Isn't your country, like, swimming in giant boxes? There was even a passing joke about it on a certain movie which shall not be named!"

Made in the Philippines, bee-yotches!

To put it as calmly and as non-meanderingly (is that even a real word?) as I can,  I guess I preferred the challenge of figuring out how to build a box that works to my specifications first. That and if I wanted to just decorate a box willy-nilly, I could've just used a flipping wooden shelf as my starting point (as this page has already reminded me).

Getting back on track with an actual build update, the dollbox remains unchanged.  However, I did get hold of some new raw material so I can resume construction. And I mean about 1,200 square inches of raw material.

Jumbo Illustration Board!

Unwieldy as heck, and baffling to cut and shape into a more manageable size. Because I'm nuts about my toys. Because I like a little creative freedom. And because I always have to do it the hard and stupid way first.

As a parting word, I shall give you a fairy house. Yet another reason I wish I knew how to build stuff with wood.

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