February 4, 2012

One more week to Inkblot season!

I suspect this is going to become an annual thing for me from now on. All the writing workshops, books and software in the world probably aren't going to make the next J.D. Salinger (maybe not even the next J.K. Rowling), but it can't hurt to try, can it?

Sining Bodega presents Inkblot: The Essentials of Writing Fiction

For someone who has dreamed of being a writer for years, I have been (un)surprisingly abysmal at keeping it up. I consider it a good day whenever I "successfully" finish writing something I started, even if it's something silly like a poem or a blog entry. At the last writing workshop I attended, I managed to compose exactly one original piece, which is already an ill sign. I guess my mind tends to get distracted very easily, too easily even. This is nothing new, this even happens whenever I read books.

For all my failings at actual prose, however, I have developed something of a talent for making worlds up. Since settling on my life's calling back in fifth grade, I've fully devoted my energies to creating at least three full-scale fictional universes. That's not counting the times when I pick up on a single story idea and decide to play around with that thread in my head for days at a time.

My current long-term writing project has been on the backburner since my sophomore year in college, and I still suck at writing at least one proper (and by "proper" I mean "readable enough for submission to respected literary publications") vignette from that particular universe. My copious worldbuilding notes alone are probably two to three times more massive than any actual prose I've written for it. And then there's the issue of the volume of made-up words exclusive to the universe...

my Universe Bible, the eternal work-in-progress

The Classic Writer's Dilemma in all its permutations has been one I and my other writerly friends have discussed at length numerous times, and it still seems like none of us are getting any closer to becoming the next literary darling. But to very loosely quote one of my best buddies, the only way to go is Write. Up. Something. Ponies!

Am I human... or am I dancer?
One of my less-ridiculous-looking character concepts from this universe. Thank you, Hero Machine.

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