February 2, 2012

A Purse of Stories

Well, it's more like a brown paper bag of stories, really.

I'm still somewhat baffled as to how it happened, but it seems fairy tales are becoming in vogue again. One minute the director of Twilight was shooting her own Hotter and Sexier take on Little Red Riding Hood. The next thing I know, one of my oldest friends is ranting about how Once Upon A Time (not to be confused with Wansapanataym) is holding his interest less and less. Classic children's characters left and right are getting edgy makeovers worthy of comic book superheroines, while longtime Fables fans are finding more and more reasons to feel smug.

So where does the mystery paper bag come in?
Here's your answer.

Naturally, my everyone's favorite button-eyed doll line was not about to miss out on a prime opportunity to rope in its target market yet again. (Kids, I'm talking about kids. *cough*)

The strange thing is that this series was officially first announced in November of last year. For justifiable reason, I thought that they were never going to show up in our neck of the woods. And yet, here we are. Economics, everybody!

As luck would have it, the toy store where I got these (which, incidentally, was also the same store where I got my very first Lalaloopsy) had this... rule in place where they only used paper bags on Fridays. As plastic bags cost an additional 30 pesos and I didn't have my handy reusable shopping bag with me at the time, I went with the brown-bagged option. Bringing the bag with me everywhere 'til I got home that day was no picnic, but the good news is that I just got myself some neat new brown paper for future art projects!

I haven't finished unboxing all the fairy tale minis yet, but I could already tell that I was going to need a bigger box.

Tangential Filipino indie music trivia: "Purse of Stories" is the hidden track on Bipolar, the second album of the acclaimed music group Up Dharma Down, who I believe I've brought up at least once before.

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