February 4, 2012

Smaller Is Only Slightly Better

This is going to be an extremely short update. To mitigate the disaster that was my last dollbox, I made a second box that's smaller and hopefully simpler to maintain. It is roughly half as wide as the original, but a wee bit deeper. Dimensions are 10" by 10" by 6.5".

And as you can see, I've already started decorating. That's pink giftwrap serving as wallpaper for the second floor. It's probably just me and the limitations of my crafting skills, but the "wallpaper" was a pain in the butt to install. Or maybe there's a very important-but-obscure wallpapering technique somewhere that I missed.

I'm also trying to make better use of the "Less is More" furnishing philosophy, using pieces in moderation and resisting the urge to go for the Cramped And Crowded Furniture Store look. I'm not a formally-trained interior decorator, so I can't speak for how well my approach is working.

The good news is that by doubling up on the illustration board, I've managed to stabilize the second floor to minimize warping. So far the floor is still holding up well. I've since tested the double-layer theory by re-doing the second floor of my first dollbox accordingly, though I think it's safe to say that one should have fairly fewer problems when working with a smaller floor area.

In the meantime, it looks like the coming weeks are going to be full of me dividing my time between writing, knitting and working on doll home improvements.

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  1. No violent reaction here...just curious to find out how the doll home improvements are coming along...^_____^