January 23, 2013

The Word "Futurism"

Five years from now, we will talk on phones shaped like squirming tadpole men

For a moment there I misread that headline as "... we will talk about phones shaped like squirming tadpole men."

our Globelines handset

Futurism is a loaded word. I get that now, especially after getting mildly bombarded the moment I opened Wikipedia's comprehensive disambiguation page for the word "futurism." There's an art movement, a slightly unrelated social movement, a scientific line of thought, and the odd inevitable pretentiously-titled rock album. You'd imagine that any artist would love to corner the market on the use of the word "futurism." Or "future," for that matter.

January 22, 2013

Inane Mental Association of the Day: Your Universe

A sweet song by a Filipino pop-rock musician...

... and the branding of an American comic book company.

cover art to Marvel: Your Universe by Tom Raney
Yes, I realize I've used this image before. What can I say? I remain a closet fan.

January 11, 2013

Run For Cover!

(alternate title: I Do Not Entirely Hate Song Covers)

Song covers are touchy business. I get that. And everyone knows that you should never read YouTube comments. I get that. But Sweet Mother Sofia, I was NOT prepared for this particular internet poopstorm. I had to whip out my best James May impression for this: "For Pete's sake!"

I'm a bit mixed when it comes to song covers. After all, I grew up in a local music scene that is riddled with them in a bad, bad way. To put it in a slightly different light, Regine Velasquez definitively ruined Aerosmith's "I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing" for me, and that was before I heard the original.

January 10, 2013

Because Japan and Westeros are TOTALLY the same place.

I really hate the weird places my brain goes sometimes.

This is a sociology-oriented blog, a very good one in fact. I'm supposed to contribute some sort of meaningful original commentary on this, but noooooooo.

Japanese-inspired Barbie dolls on Sociological Images

One look at that Japanese Ken and BAM! My mind travelled to Game of Thrones Barbies, specifically a matching Daenerys Targaryen and Khal Drogo pair.

DON'T make me search that on Google Images.

Happy New Year! (Also, a postcard.)

Well... this is embarrassing.

The previous year had been a relatively productive one for me, even if my knitting and blogging had gone down a bit. Among other things I dabbled in visual journalling, hand-stitched bookbinding, taking blurry cellphone pictures of street graffiti and sending postcards. Oh, and I got a new job.

"Inspired by Farmville" postcard

This was one of a batch of free postcards I got at an art exhibition in Bacolod City (long story). I sent out a bunch of these while I was out of town... including an experimental postcard I sent to myself for when I got home.

I botched up the writing for this one at the back, so I decided to do some creative recycling using the small cache of crafting supplies I brought with me to Bacolod... don't ask.

Here was the final result (with my mailing address digitally edited out):

personalized postcard verso, by axilog14

Yes, the original postcard backing - errors and all - is completely covered up with a photo I cut out from the newspaper ages ago*, Sharpie and some random poetry verses I pulled out of my ass. I know a lot of snail mail snobs scoff at generic metered postage in favor of real, honest-to-goodness postage stamps (the perforated kind that you lick at the back). In this case, however, I'm surprised at how much I liked the effect of the metered postage on the beach backdrop.

The blue words on the upper left are a quote from "Where The Stars Look Down" by Orrin Alden Demass**. The lines in black cursive I pretty much made up on the fly. And yes, I know my cursive is nigh-unreadable, I've received many mildly amusing comments about it over the years.

If anyone here's crazy enough to want a transcript of the poem I made up, just drop a line.

*Yet another rambling story for another day. I've burned through a lot of obsessions this past 2012.
**This is the only full copy of the poem I could find online for now.