January 10, 2013

Happy New Year! (Also, a postcard.)

Well... this is embarrassing.

The previous year had been a relatively productive one for me, even if my knitting and blogging had gone down a bit. Among other things I dabbled in visual journalling, hand-stitched bookbinding, taking blurry cellphone pictures of street graffiti and sending postcards. Oh, and I got a new job.

"Inspired by Farmville" postcard

This was one of a batch of free postcards I got at an art exhibition in Bacolod City (long story). I sent out a bunch of these while I was out of town... including an experimental postcard I sent to myself for when I got home.

I botched up the writing for this one at the back, so I decided to do some creative recycling using the small cache of crafting supplies I brought with me to Bacolod... don't ask.

Here was the final result (with my mailing address digitally edited out):

personalized postcard verso, by axilog14

Yes, the original postcard backing - errors and all - is completely covered up with a photo I cut out from the newspaper ages ago*, Sharpie and some random poetry verses I pulled out of my ass. I know a lot of snail mail snobs scoff at generic metered postage in favor of real, honest-to-goodness postage stamps (the perforated kind that you lick at the back). In this case, however, I'm surprised at how much I liked the effect of the metered postage on the beach backdrop.

The blue words on the upper left are a quote from "Where The Stars Look Down" by Orrin Alden Demass**. The lines in black cursive I pretty much made up on the fly. And yes, I know my cursive is nigh-unreadable, I've received many mildly amusing comments about it over the years.

If anyone here's crazy enough to want a transcript of the poem I made up, just drop a line.

*Yet another rambling story for another day. I've burned through a lot of obsessions this past 2012.
**This is the only full copy of the poem I could find online for now.

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