February 14, 2013

The Massive Lalaloopsy Dollbox Update Noone Asked For

Dollbox, the display shelf

By the time this post comes up, I'll have yet another brand-new batch of Mini Lalaloopsy girls in need of doll housing. Seriously, MGAE, I have to echo the sentiments of every Lalaloopsy fan over the age of ten here: you're releasing too many of these things for mere mortals to keep up!

Not that I'm complaining. It gives me an excuse to let my not-so-inner child run amok and take pictures of toys, after all.

Dollbox, kitchen

Dollbox, full view

Dollbox, four-storey

Dollbox, two-storey

Dollbox, the rooftop "magical girl" zone

Dollbox, the pink box

Dollbox, the blue box

Dollbox, Dot and Mittens

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