May 11, 2014

Pocket Kitty Doll: Free Crochet Amigurumi Pattern

Been crocheting amigurumi toys nonstop for the last couple of months, so it was inevitable I'd start making toys for my toys.

Whether you wanna make a wee dolly for your own wee dolly (Symptom 27 you have a toy addiction problem) or a stinkin' cute keychain for the cat-lover in your life, I hope this pocket kitty satisfies!

You will need:

Size 8 crochet thread in color of your choice

2mm crochet hook, or any hook size that will give you a tight gauge

toy stuffing

needle & thread for face embroidery


st - stitch

ch - chain stitch

sl st - slip stitch

sc - single crochet

inc - increase (2 sc in one st)

invdec - invisible decrease (see here)

MR - Magic ring (see here)

** - repeat action within asterisks


The cat is crocheted from top to bottom (bottom limbs to head). Tail and legs are crocheted separately first, then joined as you go as you crochet the body. Ears are sewn on last, followed by the face embroidery.

See here to learn more about crocheting on limbs as you go.


MR 4 st

sc 9 rounds

Fasten off.

Legs (make 4)

MR 6

sc 6 rounds

Fasten off. Don't cut thread on last leg.

Body and Head

sc 3 on current leg, ch 2, sc 6 around on second leg, sc on each ch, sc 3 on first leg (16 st in round)

Inc, sc 7, inc, sc 2, sc on other side of each ch, sc 3 (18)

sc 13, attach tail in next 2 sc, sc 3

sc 7 rounds

sc 2, attach third leg in next 3 sc, sc 2, attach last leg in next 3 sc, sc to end of round. Stuff body lightly.

invdec around (9)

inc around (18)

*sc, inc* 6 times, 6 sc (24)

*inc, sc 2* 6 times, 6 sc (30)

sc 6 rounds

*sc 3, invdec* around (24)

*sc 2, invdec* around (18)

Start stuffing head.

*sc, invdec* around (12)

invdec around, finish off by drawing thread through all 6 front loops to close hole. (See here for other finishing alternatives.)

Ears (make 2)

ch 2, 2 sc in second ch from hook.

ch 1, turn, inc, sc (3)

ch 1, turn, inc, sc 2  (4)

ch 1, sl st around ear, cut long tail for sewing.


Sew on ears. Embroider face and other embellishments (e.g. spots, stripes, key ring).

Leave a comment for any questions, suggestions and other feedback.


  1. Hello!! 1st, I want to stress the positive here, thank you for such an adorable pattern!! The idea of sewing the limbs into the rest of it instead of separate at the end is very smart indeed... now, just a couple of things, the 1st set of legs, no problem incorporating,the 2nd set was very difficult, I ended up just rigging it, half of that was just sewn strangely on my end because it got too confusing, the next, the ears, I'm assuming that the numbers after, in the parenthesis is how many times to run that round, however, it wasn't working for me to do that with the increases, I would end up skipping a stitch, is that correct? I ended up just making my own ears... Other than these things, I think this is maybe just a more advanced pattern, but it is adorable, and thank you so much for your contribution!!

    1. Thanks so much for the feedback! And apologies for any errors, this is actually my first published crochet pattern. The number in parentheses refers to the number of stitches in the current row, so the ears are really just three rows tall before the final step (single-crocheting around for a cleaner finish.)

      As for the second set of legs, admittedly I'm not the best at explaining the process of crocheting the limbs in, the link I posted should definitely be read first before attempting it. There's another amigurumi pattern I've seen that explains the process a bit better, check out the Mei Mei baby elephant pattern for an idea of how the technique works in practice.